Sunday, June 14, 2009

Homey writes a note..

Awesome video, very Ronald Reaganesque albeit and unfortunately the guy's incompetant, a fraud and, as usual, doesn't answer the question.

The question is as follows:

My question is, what is a timeline that we have set up for this ahh, what do you see happening, especially in the area of umm working with employers to....either offer more insurance or the uninsured being able to get them something now?

Ok this is a fucking joke right. Why doesn't Mr.John Corpus go out and subsidize his neighborhood whatever store so they can buy more insurance for their employees? Umm insurance costs $$, that's money douchebag. Let me break it down for Homey in the White House and give yall the real answer. What can we do now? Umm same thing we did yesterday.. nothing! Nothing, no money hence.. nada. You can start looking for leadership to vote for on election day November 2012. Here's John's number, feel free to give this fool a call but be decent and leave the kid alone, 920-430-1429.

There you go....There you go!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Celebrating the United States Of Obamaunism the way it should be. One Cuban Monte Cristo on my brand new Ho Chi Minh T'shirt. I'm afraid to put this thing in the wash; very high quality product. Just suckin on the cuban made me sick... could be a precursor to somethin, call me crazy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back to KC

The economy really is a piece of shit. I'm not sure how they perpetuate the myth but I urge you to drive the freeways and cross a bridge. There is absolutely no one on the road these days and now with Memorial Day in striking distance the oil companies will take the jaws of life to the price of gas via your wallet. So much so it's starting to affect me. My job for the last 4 1/2 years has been working on a contract job for a bay area utility. I work for a contractor maybe once every couple of weeks and now I haven't not worked for a contractor in almost a month. My first day off for lack of work was today but I've been lucky. A bundle of people within my own employer's company have been getting 1 and 2 days of work for months and its almost Jun. 1; I'd love to say so much for change but that's way too easy. Hopefully the month of June will include a lot of Haz Haul or so the rumour goes.

Your multi billion dollar new Bay Bridge. This thing will be 100 years old by the time they finish it. I'm looking forward to them getting the big crane, that's sitting over off the right side of the bridge, set up for the spire. So far it doesn't look so impressive without all the lattice hooked up to it but I'm sure it will. Leaving SF loaded, hello KC ;)

Can a man not take a wizz in peace? I think this is the Newman exit or near there. A favorite for restroom brakes. Camm Ave also a winner. The valley is already brown, dirty nasty and hot.

Honey I'm home. The gates of toxic hell are right over the hill to the left. Some serious shenaniganz went down on this trip by two fellow employees. Lets call a spade a spade, fellow nimrods. One's not such a hot driver but means well the other just knows everything and hence.. cost the company a shitload of money on this trip. When did it seem like a good idea to drop a loaded trailer on the ground to swap tractors in a toxic landfill on a 100 degree day?

Hurry up and wait for some of these cats. Luckily most of them have sleepers and good AC.

Yeah baby, lunch! Long gone from the landfill at Kettlemen and about to grab some food. Did I ever say they sell the same sandwiches in the gas station as they have on the menu for half price?

$5.95 dollars of good lovin. I already had a bottle of water.

I really don't get this place. Do people really vacation here? I mean god damn you can just keep going and find a plethora of gippo hotels for half price up or down the road that are just fine. I can see stopping to sit down and eat and I'm truly not sure to what extent of luxury the accomodations accel too. Does that make sense? If not maybe Gary Radunich can break it down for you. Make sense? Not to me either.

Some day i will boost a price list and scan it for online viewing. I'm fully expecting a major rape job though. Once thing is for sure, this place does whatever they do and they do it good.

Forgive me for going out the in door.. I really don't care though.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pic worth 100 words?

Nothing like Napalm in the morning? How about checking your oil before you cut some hay instead.

Novato, CA

Deafening silence, chirping birds, little bunny rabbits.. poetically beautiful.

You can own this rock off the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge for a $1 Mil I think. I could be wrong on the price but I know its for sale. Zero accomodations.

Wretched dirty nasty city of San Francisco; welcome to urine town USA. I wonder who's responsible?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Super Truk'n for Dummies 5/5/09

Wow what a lot of excitement this post will bring and on top of that filled with a bundle of bad cell phone pics. Why do I do this? Mostly for the chicks.. that and to exercise my feeble mind a little bit as well as some kind of retrospective on how badly I want to either unwind my life or end it asap.

Ok so as usual this thing started off in true dirt trucking fashion: not good. It was supposed to go on Thurs. of last week with 4 trucks which then got turned down to 3. Guess who was #4? Ok so again and as usual they postponed til Friday it took these guys a full day to load truck #1 while #'s 2 & 3 jerked off then went on a rock haul. So now come Friday night I'm on again for Monday @ the crack of noon which then became 1.30 and after a whole bundle of drama became load today, drop tomorrow. Ok fine great. The loader crew was horrible. It's sad to think of so many qualified and professional operators in the union who are out of work but what the hell am I gonna do about it anyway.

So loaded and go and after consultation with mein fellow homeys we decide to rally and leave at 0415. Nice. At first I was opposed then I said what the hell; I mean this is truckin.. let the good times roll baby.

So here we go, 4.15 am I am amazingly on time in the middle of a May deluge. Give me a break, all the water rolls down 57th and goes into a DI right smack dab in the middle of our gate and it just doesn't fall into it it pools around it first and I'm talking like a 20 foot wide lake easy. It was virtually impossible to not wade through standing water anywhere in the damn yard so lo and behold by 4.30 I have wet socks but, good news, we're underway.

Our illustrious dispatch staff decided i had to leave Fido in the yard and hook Suzette up to an aluminum trailer. The reasoning as usual made no sense but I didn't really care. Fido's not road ready and needs a bunch of tires replaced. The last thing I want is a cap pealing 200 miles from home. The shitty part was that Suzette was in horrible shape albeit well lubed and greased sans fuel. I'd like to thank the last a'hole that drove her for leaving just barely enough gas to get to the pumps. The interior was as expected, a shambles. 1 1/2 hours later.. good as new? No not quite but good to go. The seat is in between not good and bad. My back hurt this morning and I only drove maybe 10 miles yesterday. Luckily the real pain comes tomorrow post this ride and not during.



After a couple hours we got some light and the Central Cali valley became really beautiful. I think this is the only time of day I want to see the world's foodbank ever. Luckily I run the AC and turn up the heat a little and keep it on recycle so I only smell my own gas or spilled coffee while the chemical dawn of the valley stays outside of my windows. Check it out:

Something about Panoche Road, and of course not to be outdone by Little Panoche Road, I can never get out of my mind.

Almost there, sunny beautiful skies the whole way once we left the rain. Where did that knucklehead that was in front of me go?

Ta Da! We made it, safe and sound in the landfill; waiting for the management to release us to dump and it was quick. We're talking in & out in 45 minutes. Last time I was in this place it was still the 20th century although it doesn't seem like that long ago. You used to drive around and down into the landfill. Now you drive up to the top, only 1 more year to go at this place if they can't secure permits to open up a 2nd hole. Crazy, what would they do with the crap that goes here if they can't continue. It's 1 step away from hell so I can't imagine a better place to develop and nobody lives here or at least nobody should.

Ps. the CFN pumps down in Kettlemen... sweetness. The only place I've seen just as fast is Harris Ranch. Get the sandwiches in the gas station they're the same one's on the menu only half price. Fresh as fresh can be.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Eats

A fine meal for an even $5 with coffee. It's the Early Bird special at Gilman Street Grill in Berkeley. 2 eggs poached hard, potatoes with a shot of sour cream and some rockin sourdough dry. The good coffee is not far from there on 4th if you want to keep on trukn. You've got a great Peet's and I'm sure there's a Starbucks too but if you need to fill your stomach on the fly then this place is all inclusive.

This shit here is definitly suspect but I ate it anyway straight off East 14th in Oakland. I'd like to do a restaurant review on every Vietnamese Pho soup place on that street cause there's an S load of em.

This is just a dead body in Oaktown.. no big deal.