Sunday, April 26, 2009

Really good flic

This is yesterday's news and obviously as of this date Slumdog Millionaire was the best pic of the year a couple months ago but the world still waits for my official review. I've now seen it 3 times, the first on a really big screen at the Orinda Theatre and it still is just as good everytime I watch it.

The basis goes like this, Jamal Malik goes on India's version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire pronounced "millonaire" by your would be Regis Philbin host. Namaste, Sat Sri Akkal, Adab are the first words you hear.. greetings to 3 different religious groups in India for those of you of non mad love and Injun affection you gotta know your history. When India was split up by the British in 1947 they gave one part of it to the Muslims who consequently renamed it Pakistan and then kicked every non muslim out of the country. The Indians then retaliated by saying to all the muslims who now were in the new version of India that this was their country too and they could stay if they wanted. Currently the majority of the populace is Hindu, Sikh then Muslims and the Muslims are pretty much treated like dirt as they should be. Back to the flic.

Jamal Malik, a Muslim and "Slumdog" goes on a winning spree and makes it to the final question; a task no one has yet to conquer in the history of the show. As the inspector detector says "no one has made it past 60,000 rupees, doctors, lawyers etc..", a whopping $1200 USD and throw in an Indian inflection Mister. Unfortunately Jamal runs out of time and has to come back tomorrow so what do you think happens when you get to the final answer on India's version of who wants to be a millonaire and you have to come back tomorrow? That's right, you walk out the door and then the cops put the boots and the screws to you and call you a cheater. Jamal "literally" gets the series of questions of a lifetime that relate back to his childhood. Some are easy, some are obscure. Some easily could be from the US version like who invented the revolver and who's on the face of a $100 dollar bill while other questions have international and Indian flavor. The final question is something that seen in the very beginning of the movie and is guaranteed to make you smile but does he know the answer? Is it really that easy or is the movie about to get really crazy?

Filmed with a bunch of nobody actors; although I'm sure they're somebody's somewhere.. just not in the US. This isn't about a shitty life in India; everybody knows life in India sucks. This is a movie story for the ages and don't forget he still has one lifeline.