Sunday, June 14, 2009

Homey writes a note..

Awesome video, very Ronald Reaganesque albeit and unfortunately the guy's incompetant, a fraud and, as usual, doesn't answer the question.

The question is as follows:

My question is, what is a timeline that we have set up for this ahh, what do you see happening, especially in the area of umm working with employers to....either offer more insurance or the uninsured being able to get them something now?

Ok this is a fucking joke right. Why doesn't Mr.John Corpus go out and subsidize his neighborhood whatever store so they can buy more insurance for their employees? Umm insurance costs $$, that's money douchebag. Let me break it down for Homey in the White House and give yall the real answer. What can we do now? Umm same thing we did yesterday.. nothing! Nothing, no money hence.. nada. You can start looking for leadership to vote for on election day November 2012. Here's John's number, feel free to give this fool a call but be decent and leave the kid alone, 920-430-1429.

There you go....There you go!

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