Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yeay New President

Nice of the fans to boo Bush on his way out. Poetic justice and that's coming from somebody that voted for that idiot once. You can fool me once but umm uhh, old saying down in Texas. Fool me once, you can't get fooled again. Whatever dick sayonara goodbye and F you.

Well it seems that all I saw regarding the coronation of the new king of america was a lot of black entertainers. Then again i didn't watch anything but it seems like homey in the white house is doing everything he can do bring us back into the good old days of racism. I hate to keep score but somebody has to do it. 2 days of the stock market under President Obama and we're even pretty much on the big board although that's not really any kind of marker or even something to pay attention to but the barrel price of oil is up almost $5. I hate this guy already and I believe he will return race relations via his incompetence and inexperience back to who knows what. Nevertheless I hope he does well for himself and the country but it's hard to get excited about somebody whose success, according to Yahoo's front page on inauguration day, is measured by a speech. Ok good speech now go back to work folks. What you mean no job?